Sumner Coy

As part of Of Note's Symphony Sunday edition, Ohio-based composer Jack Gallagher allowed a rare glimpse into the deeper processes behind writing a major symphony, specifically his Symphony No.2 'Ascendant,' a tremendous work that stretches over an hour in length.

Kazem Abdullah began playing classical music at 10, but his real passion was always how the pieces of an orchestra can contribute to a whole. Now at 38, he has been following his passion for conducting for nearly ten years.

"The variety of the repertoire that one can study and perform is vast and great as a conductor," says Abdullah. "You have close contacts in a wide variety of art forms."

Each July, the University of Arkansas sees thousands of high and middle school students descend on its campus for the University's Summer Music Camp. The task of guiding these curious budding musicians falls to specialists in their field. This year, it's the Viridian Quartet, a group of music graduates from MSU who for three years have been perfecting the art of that holy grail of High School band instruments- the saxophone.

Kat Wilson

Kevin Arnold's latest exhibition at Fenix Gallery, "Wishful Misgivings," exemplifies all the ambivalence of its title, a retreat into sickly-sweet nostalgia spurred on by a chaotic and disordered world.

Arnold specializes in large canvases that explode in colorful stimuli--but the composition is far from haphazard. Indeed, the approach works within "Wishful Misgivings" to represent the fragmented, overloaded experience that is 2018 in the United States. 

Arts Center of The Ozarks

As the government clamps down on migrants crossing the U.S.- Mexico border and refugees from the Middle East seek asylum in Europe, immigration is sparking fierce debate. But, in this political climate, the roots of human migration are often lost.