KUAF Arts Beat: When a Rapper Is Obessed With a Pop Art Icon

Oct 19, 2016

Jay Z's now famous "selfie" at The Andy Warhol Museum
Credit Lenny S.

Here's your chance to go deep into rapper Jay Z's fascination with Andy Warhol as Michael Maizels, professor or contemporary art history at the UA, presents his lecture "WarHOV: God of Rap, Prince of Pop," at 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville this Friday as part of the 21cafe casual conversations evenings.

Whereas Jay Z references many artists including German romantic poet Rilke and Dutch painter Rembrandt, there's something a little different in the way the rapper references the king of pop art. 

"Warhol seemed to be somebody with whom he had in his brain entered into a creative dialog rather than somebody whose work he could won to show how rich and sophisticated he was," Maizels explains in this #KUAFArtsBeat segment.