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4 candle advent wreath on black background copy space
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4 candle advent wreath on black background copy space

I feel like I have already been waiting for two years to get my life back as a result of COVID 19, yet most of the angst I have had during this time of COVID has not been particularly productive. In fact, just the eye opposite. The type of waiting advent calls for is a time to quell the rushes of the soul, to keep it bay our anxiety, and to let our anticipation be in hope of good things that are soon to happen. It requires discipline to focus on the moment and avoiding dwelling on all the disruptions of our lives. I have found that a daily practice of mindfulness or meditation or prayer helps me achieve the calming effect I need. There are still three more weeks of advent for you to make productive waiting a part of your life. Start now to incorporate a few minutes a day to still your mind while the world spends around you. You will be glad you did. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.

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G. Scott Morris, MD, MDiv