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Issue a Challenge

KUAF uses Challenge pledges during on-air fundraisers to encourage listeners who have never given to call in with their very first pledge. During an active Challenge, pledges are matched dollar for dollar, doubling the investment for all of those who give.

Issue a Challenge pledge for Winter 2023!

Challenge pledge policies:

  1. Your Challenge pledge will be used to match NEW MEMBER and/or RENEWING MEMBER pledges, dollar for dollar. To keep all Challenges legitimate, we ask that you withold payment of your pledge until the Challenge is issued. When your Challenge is met, we will send you a notice.
  2. KUAF cannot guarantee the number of times your pledge is mentioned on-air. If you are interested in paid underwriting announcements for your business or organization, please contact our Underwriting Director Ryan Versey at kuafsales@gmail.com.
  3. KUAF reserves the right to edit your Challenge pledge message. Changes or omissions may take place because of lack of time during our live on-air fundraisers.
  4. By issuing a Challenge, you are:
  • Giving KUAF consent to read your name or the name of your business or organization (or whichever name you and KUAF have agreed upon) on the air and on our website and social media.
  • Giving KUAF consent to mention the dollar amount of the Challenge on air and online, unless otherwise requested, in which case, we can make your Challenge anonymous.
  • Giving KUAF consent to break your challenge into strategic portions when active.

For more info, contact Brett Ratliff by phone at (479) 575-6333 or by email at member@kuaf.com.