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RefleXions Music Series is a project funded by the University of Arkansas Chancellor’s Grant for the Humanities and Performing Arts Initiative and is a celebration of music, musicians, advocates and audiences, and fosters creative justice and diversity through opportunities to reflect, learn, grow, change and teach.Through a series of masterclasses, panel discussions, podcasts and more, RefleXions' mission is to propagate sound and messages; express the highest standards of music and artistic interpretation; reverse the dynamics of Eurocentric standards; carefully consider contexts, intersectionality, relationships and crossroads with other disciplines; and represent diverse identities.Check this page for more news from RefleXions, podcast episodes and more. Visit the RefleXions page for more on the project.RefleXions Music Series' first initiative is to bring "Sing for Hope" co-founders Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora’s fall virtual residency.

RefleXions Episode Three: The Social Impact of the Arts

Part 2 of RefleXions Music Series podcast, Episode 3

WARNING - Acts of war and violence are described in detail in this episode.   

In the third episode of our RefleXions Music Series podcast, we speak with three distinguished teachers, artists and activists about the social impact of the arts, especially in peacebuilding, reconcilation and healing.

Along with our hosts, Dr. Lia Uribe, Associate Chair at the University of Arkansas Department of Music, and Leigh Wood, General Manager of KUAF, we're joined with Erika Almenara from the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Arkansas; and Rogelio Garcia Contreras, a Clinical Faculty member in social innovation  and  social entrepreneurship at the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Venture Innovation Department of the Sam M. Walton College of Business  of  the  University  of  Arkansas and Director of Social Innovation at Arkansas Global Changemakers. 

Our guests are - 

  • Luis Restrepo, University Professor and Director Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, University of Arkansas and member of the Scholars at Risk Committee
  • Ana Baer, Video-choreographer, Professor of Dance at Texas State University
  • Cesar Lopez, Musician, Composer, activist, UN Non-Violence Messenger and Amnesty International Emissary of Consciousness, and creator of the Escopetarra

More information and where to view works mentioned in this episode - 
Watch this short video to see Cesar describe more about the Escopetarra and how it was created.
Watch videos of Ana Baer's works, La Muejeres de Juarez and https://vimeo.com/429414555">Being Together.
Read Susan Sontag's piece, Regarding the Pain of Others.
Learn more about Doris Salcedo, creator of 1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings, and her work.
Read The Frames of War: Who is Grievable? by Judith Butler.

RefleXions Music Series, a project funded by the University of Arkansas Chancellor's Grant for the Humanities and Performing Arts Initiative, has partnered with KUAF 91.3 to produce the RefleXions Podcast, which is co-hosted by Leigh Wood, KUAF's General Manager and U of A Music Professor Lia Uribe, who is also the host of Sound Perimeter. This podcast is made possible because of a grant from The Women's Giving Circle at the University of Arkansas. Our theme music is composed by Fernando Valencia and our logo is designed by Alejandra Rubio. 

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