courtesy: George Brooks

George Brooks is a saxophonist and composer, and his band Aspada draws on musical influences from India, Africa, Europe and America. Friday night, the band will perform at Walton Arts Center. We speak with Brooks about his musical influences and career prior to his performance in Fayetteville.

Ozarks at Large for Monday, October 8, 2018

Oct 8, 2018

On today’s show, we learn about a few people who have worked, often behind the scenes, to make their community and their state better. Plus, we hear about efforts to make recycling better. And we find out how one person got better at picking people’s pockets.

courtesy: Arkansas Recycling Coalition

John Bradburn, lead materials and sustainability officer for Pathway 21, is keynote speaker for the Arkansas Recycling Coalition's 28th annual conference and trade show. He recently retired as global manager of waste reduction at General Motors. The conference will be held through Oct. 10 in Eureka Springs.

courtesy: Fayetteville Public Education Foundation

Two Fayetteville alumni and two former teachers will be inducted this week into the Fayetteville Public Schools Hall of Honor. We learn more about the inductees and how they all did something to make the city and state better.

courtesy: Walton Arts Center

Five illusionists will take the stage Oct. 17-18 at Walton Arts Center as part of The Illusionists - Live From Broadway. We speak with Jeff Hobson, one of the illusionists, about the art of pickpocketing.