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strongboi ft. Salami Rose Joe Louis, 'unconditional'

It's like strongboi, the Berlin-based duo of Alice Phoebe Lou and Ziv Yamin, had a premonition about how outright depressing and hard-fought this summer would end up being. This track is nothing if not real: you might see a shadow of yourself when Lou sighs, "I've seen that you're walking through some fires." And she's right. So, if you do nothing else tonight, close your eyes, rest your head and let this track cradle your brain. You might find some peace in the delicate, metronome-like percussion of the song. Maybe the plucky, gentle bass will remind you of long-past jam sessions with friends. Or maybe you'll love what I did: the hopeful, sparkling synths that emerge like bubbles at a kid's birthday party, reminding you there's still so much more left to find joy in, as long as you hold on.

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Nisha Venkat