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WILLOW, 'Split'

If "Split" is any indication of what WILLOW's <COPINGMECHANISM> , out Friday, will offer, then it is safe to say listeners can expect the raw vulnerability and palpable intensity that she consistently radiates. The rock ballad is earnest, a little angsty and a touch melancholic. But above all, it is as raw and intense as any WILLOW song so far.

"Split" sets the tone not just for the rage and rock heard in other singles like "curious/furious" and "float like a GODDESS," but for a slower, even "softer" sound that feels reminiscent of early WILLOW EPs. Which tracks as she's mentioned in interviews that the concept for Coping Mechanism came from notes found on her phone in 2018. But don't be fooled, WILLOW has grown up. Whether you remember WILLOW back when she was whipping her hair, or discovered her along with "The Spot" via TikTok, she continues to embody the rock star she was destined to be.

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Jerusalem Truth
Jerusalem Truth is a storyteller, wordsmith, and multi-hyphenate artist. She is currently the Production Assistant for Louder than a Riot, NPR's premier hip-hop podcast, unpacking and highlighting the people that create the Culture. When not collaborating there, she is a freelance audio creator, using audio, video and word to explore the intricacies of popular culture, coming of age, and what it means to be Black in America.