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TWICE has always had traces of Atlanta bass in its DNA, but the K-pop girl group fully embraces the regional style on "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE," a new English-language single. Glossy synths and warbled vocals begin the track with a beguiling charm, and then singer Sana arrives to capitalize on the hypnotic mood: "I guarantee I got ya." Such confidence is the prevailing spirit here, with every thwacking kick a sign of TWICE's insistence. The members sing as if on a mission — they want this relationship to move faster — and so when the beat slows down, it becomes a chance to reveal vulnerable confessions.

Given K-pop's history of cribbing from Atlanta bass, "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" stands out for sounding like its most faithful interpretation (notably, it was co-written by members of American girl group Citizen Queen). It's also one of the most thrilling English songs from a K-pop group ever. Other attempts often sound trite, reducing Korean acts to their most simplistic or mind-numbingly banal. As on their previous single "The Feels," TWICE sounds comfortable in this different register, bringing the bubbly infatuation and poised assurance of past works into a straightforward genre exercise. "This feeling's so hard to explain," sings Chaeyoung. Luckily, TWICE has always been masters at translating the feverish ecstasy of crushing hard.

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Joshua Minsoo Kim