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From wild mustangs to reimagined housing, check out these can't-miss podcasts

CapRadio; Boise State Public Radio News; Marfa Public Radio; North Carolina Public Radio; WBUR; KQED

Looking for dinner conversation starters this Thanksgiving? The NPR One team is here to help with podcast recommendations from across public media.

The podcast episode descriptions below are from podcast webpages and have been edited for brevity and clarity.

All The Only Ones


Listen to episode 1, "The missing piece of the puzzle."

SOLD OUT: Rethinking Housing in America


On this episode, we follow the Escutia family, starting on the night that a flood swallowed their hometown, and for months afterward, as they searched for an affordable home on higher ground. Start listening.


/ Boise State Public Radio News
Boise State Public Radio News

Listen to episode 1, "The Mustang/The Myth."

Trump's Trial


Start listening.

This Is What It Feels Like

/ CapRadio

On this episode, we meet Glenna Lucille Walters, a 106-year-old piano player who finds joy and solace in her love for The Bachelor, literature and the enchanting melodies of jazz. Through lively anecdotes and lots of sass, Glenna shares her secrets to living a long, purposeful and meaningful life. Start listening.

The Gun Machine


Listen to episode 1, "The Machine We Make."

The Colorado Dream


The housing crisis in Colorado's mountain resort communities has left longtime locals, like 29-year-old Summit County resident Javier Pineda Rosas, unable to find a stable living situation. The county will need over 2,300 rental and for-sale units — at all price points — to meet the housing demand. Start listening.

Bright Lit Place


Listen to episode 1, "Homeland."

Marfa For Beginners

/ Marfa Public Radio
Marfa Public Radio

Listen to episode 1, "La Virgen Comes to Marfa."

The Broadside

/ North Carolina Public Radio
North Carolina Public Radio

You might have noticed that the word "y'all" is popping up everywhere. For decades, linguists have noted that regional American accents are disappearing. But at the same time, use of this traditionally Southern pronoun is rapidly spreading — and the reasons may surprise you. Start listening.

State of the World from NPR


Start listening.

NPR's Jessica Green curated and produced this piece.

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