Antoinette Grajeda

KUAF host and contributor of "Ozarks at Large"

Antoinette Grajeda is a producer and reporter for Ozarks at Large. She began her professional career as a print journalist in 2007 and joined the KUAF staff in 2009. She earned a B.A. and M.A. in Journalism from the University of Arkansas. Since 2007, Antoinette has participated in the NWA Gridiron Show, which raises money for scholarships. She has also volunteered with the Lemke Journalism Project since 2008. This six-week program teaches high school students about journalism and encourages them to pursue higher education.

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This fall, the University of Arkansas will offer its first start-to-finish, online bachelor's degree program – a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Shiloh Museum will give us the story of Essie Ward, an artist from Nubbin Hill.

The last days of spring have almost everything for the curious.  From a science fiction reading to a workshop on rails, we have details on some of the events.

Today we listen to samples from "Half The City," The debut album from St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jun 15, 2014

Ahead on this edition of Weekend Ozarks, we learn the trick of the trade with a monster truck driver. Plus, if you had a magazine, how would you choose its name? Would it be literal, a hint as to what's expected inside, or something completely different?