Daniel Caruth

Morning Host/Producer

In early February, the University of Arkansas School of Art opened four new and refurbished studios to the public. The first 'open studios' initiative allows Masters of Fine Arts and post-Baccalaureate art students to debut their work and gives those outside the school a glimpse at the University's newest facilities.

Poet Peter Twal's debut collection, Our Earliest Tattoos, tackles memory and contemporary life with wit, humor and sentimental flair. The poems draw inspiration from lyrics of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends," which Twal first heard in 2012 and felt an immediate connection to. Throughout the book, he treats the song as an artifact and uses its lyrics to punctuate moments in the lives of his narrators.  

Courtesy: Paramount Pictures

From unprecedented aerial stunts to being the only silent film to win an Oscar for best picture and even a Fayetteville connection, 1927's Wings has a lot going on. This Sunday, in honor of the World War I centenary, moviegoers can experience a screening of the film with live accompaniment from the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra


What do you hear when you look at an image?

What do you see when you hear a piece of music?  These senses intersect in the new Sonic Images series from the Fenix Gallery in Fayetteville. For the first performance, guitarist Jake Hertzog presents a suite from his solo album "Well Lit Shadow," inspired by images of subatomic particles. 

Our hills are flooded with roots and folk music. And now, thanks to the Jake Hertzog Trio, jazz jams are becoming a regular thing in downtown Fayetteville.