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On today's show, some University of Arkansas students and teachers are concerned about being exposed to the delta variant in a classroom setting. Plus, a forecast on the homebuilding market in Northwest Arkansas, our weekly live music roundup, and much more.

Courtesy / UAMS

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences AR-Connect program is offering counseling to those displaced by Hurricane Ida. The virtal service, which began in 2020, provides telehealth options for people in Arkansas dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse or medication management. Services are free of charge and can be accessed 24-hours a day  through the AR-Connect call center at (501) 526-3563 or (800) 482-9921. 

D. Caruth / KUAF

Last week nonprofit Pedal It Forward and the University of Arkasnas Office of Sustainabilty gifted bicycles to 20 international students as part of Cycle September. This Audio postcard captures soounds from the event on the campus in Fayetteville. 

On today's show: Ivermectin. The governor has talked about it, the Washington County Quorum Court, Poison Control and others have dealt with it. We learn more about it today. Plus, American workers are reconsidering what they want from their careers, our weekly conversation about live music, and much more.

Courtesy / KNWA/Eva Madision

The Washington County Dentention Center's healthcare provider Karas Correctional Health has been prescribing the antiparasite drug Ivermectin to detainees who test positive for COVID-19. Ivermectin, most commonly used to treat livestock, has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat the coronavirus.

On today's show, the business of writing for yourself, for others and helping others to write: a conversation with author Elle Nash. Plus, a recent report shows concern on the impact of Tyson, and much more.

Courtesy / Union of Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists and The Guardian released a report earlier this month that says Tyson's "near monopoly" on the poultry industry in Arkansas is three times more consolidated than the U.S.

On today's show, a conversation with Khalid Ahmadzai, a native of Afghanistan, who lives in Fayetteville and works for Canopy of Northwest Arkansas, a refugee resettlement agency. Plus, how to preserve your vaccination card, a flashback of Razorback football, and much more.

Courtesy / Khalid Ahmadzai

Canopy of Northwest Arkansas is readying to welcome a small number of Afghan families and Special Immigrant Visa holders in the wake the withdraw of U.S. forces from the country and subesquent Taliban takeover of the capital city. We also hear from an Afghan immigrant now living in northwest Arkansas. 

On today's show, watching the Taliban take control of Afghanistan from afar. Plus, calls for the Washington County Quorum Court to distribute federal COVID-19 aid differently, and much more.