Daniel Caruth

Morning Host/Producer
Courtesy / University of Arkansas

On June 18, The University of Arkansas Office of Study Abroad officially halted all of its sponsored and coordinated international study programs for the fall semester. Sarah Malloy, the office's director, explains what led to the decision and how she believes the pandemic will impact study abroad courses in the future. 

On today's show, we have the latest from the governor's daily coronavirus response briefing during which he provided information about hospital capacities and the healthcare system's ability to respond to the surge of cases happening in Northwest Arkansas. Plus, we get reaction from a local trans activist to last week's Supreme Court ruling barring the LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace. And, we find out what it was like to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday during President Trump's rally.

J. Froelich / Arkansas Public Media

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled to extend rights to protect lesbian, gay and transgender employees under The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams and trans activist Jewel Hayes with NWA Equality explain how the historic decision impacts LGBTQ people in Northwest Arkansas.  

On today's show, we have the latest from the governor's coronavirus response briefing, which took place in Hot Springs. Plus, we hear from small local farmers who have seen a spike in community supported agriculture during the pandemic. And, we speak with the organizer of a Juneteenth community cookout that will be taking place in Bentonville this Friday.

Courtesy / Hazel Valley Farms

The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit the agriculture supply chain hard and devastated farms across the nation. However, some smaller, local farms are seeing a spike in community supported agriculture - where consumers subscribe to a weekly box of fresh fruits, vegetables and more directly from producers.