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Joi McGowan

Co-Host of Resilient Black Women
  • In this episode Deneshia and Joi tackle the issue of Imposter Syndrome! Today's topic is all about dispelling the lies we tell ourselves regarding imposter syndrome! Joi shares the research on how these cognitive schemas get us stuck as Black Women. All people probably from time to time struggle with Imposter Syndrome! Here they discuss the role of institutionalized racism that continues to impact the Black Community and Black Women altogether. Joi provides some research discussing how suicide attempts have increased over time for multiethnic people groups and especially how it has increased by Black Women and Black girls. Joi shares about Dr.Kenneth Hardy’s reflections on racism, for more information about Dr. Kenneth Hardy checkout an article he wrote on Racism and psychotherapy here. For more research regarding Black Women and Suicide Rates check out Joi’s Works Cited page from her most recent CE Professional Training on Suicide Assessment and Black Women. Remember if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts you are not alone! Check out this link from Joi with a list of other local and national resources for checking in on your mental health needs! CLICK HERE for MORE RESOURCES! At this link Joi has a host of emergency facilities locally and nationally that can help you if you find yourself in a mental health emergency. We hope you care for yourself and remember to show yourself some grace. You have done enough!@resilietblackwomen_org @joimcgowan_lpc deneshia does not have a instagram
  • Deneshia and Joi begin a new season with a discussion about honoring life’s transitions! Joi shares some big news with the listeners! Deneshia talks about the importance of guarding our emotional energy. Deneshia shares that transitions are maybe not always so exciting. She hopes our listeners make space for all the emotions that come up with transitions. Joi tells us more about boundaries and how to define them.
  • Trigger Warning - This episode discusses child sexual abuse, assault, and trauma. Joi and Deneshia talk with Bricia Tatiana Mayombo, a certified Healing and Transformation Coach. She is on a divine mission to help women on their journey of healing from past trauma and become the best version of themselves! She is the author of, “The Power of Forgiveness: How to Overcome Unforgiveness.” In her book, Bricia shares the awakening that led to her own healing journey.You can find more from Bricia on her YouTube channel here. And you can find her book for sale here.
  • Continuing the series on Black Women's Health in March, this episode features Joi and Dr. Bri. Dr. Bri specializes in perinatal care, pediatric care, and athletic care. Originally from Edmond, Oklahoma, she graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minors in Spanish and Biology. She then attended Cleveland University in Kansas City, where she became a Doctor of Chiropractic. You can learn more about Dr. Bri's pratice, Essence Chiropractic, here. When out of the office, Dr. Bri enjoys tending to her houseplants, drinking a good cup of coffee, and spending quality time with her husband Bijhon and their dog Basil.
  • Joi and Deneshia speak with Dominique Blake. A standout athlete since childhood, Dominique has written her goals, stuck to her game plan of success, and committed herself to become the very best she can be in every facet of life. Her mission has always been to motivate others to understand that we can be, do, and have anything we desire. Being an Olympic professional athlete, international motivational speaker, and multi media expert has given Dominique the platform to touch hearts and minds far and wide.
  • Joi and Deneisha are releasing an episode each week in March to highlight Black Women's Health. This week's episode features an interview with Dr. Gabi, a gynecologist based in the UK who is on a mission to save black women’s wombs, by addressing the root cause of genecology disease, a disease that disproportionately affects black women worldwide. This racial disparity in health outcomes means that black women are more likely to suffer with genecology conditions that cause chronic pain and heavy bleeding. Black women also experience higher rates of infertility, maternal mortality and a final point of losing their wombs via hysterectomy compared to women of other races. Dr. Gabi shares her advice on specific reproductive health issues impacting Black Women, such as fibroids and endometriosis, as well as advice for all women on how to proactively take care of their reproductive health. To learn more about Dr. Gabi and her work, visit her website here.
  • On this episode, Joi and Deneshia reflect on Dr. Cornel West's visit to Northwest Arkansas, brought here by the Northwest Arkansas MLK Council for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January, 2023. They especially reflect on Dr. West's message of "Disruptive Love" and how in being vulnerable, sharing our stories, and truly listening, we can find the common humanity we share and how that is a beginning place for healing.
  • In the first new episode of 2023, Joi and Deneshia talk about resolutions, for themselves personally and for their nonprofit organization, Resilient Black Women. Providing assistance, to black women and women of color especially, to access mental health care is a central tenet of RBW. Joi and Deneshia discuss how they will reach and work with women seeking therapy and counseling in 2023, as well as how you the listener can help support this work. If you would like to leave feedback or ask a question about the podcast, you can leave a comment on the RBW page on Apple Podcasts here. Or if you'd like inquire about receiving help, you can reach us at kuafinfo@uark.edu.
  • The podcast begins the new year with a meditation from Joi, on taking it one day at a time. Use this 20-minute guided meditation to slow down, to check in with your body, to practice gratitude for your body, and to remember all you have to do is take it one day at a time.
  • For the final episode of 2022, Joi leads us in a quick end of the year meditation moment with co-founder and co-host, Deneshia, and few other guests. We hope this meditation moment allows you to reflect, let go, and breathe. This year is almost over. You have done enough. Now just take a moment to breathe…Meet Joi McGowan, LPC, co-founder/co-host of Resilient Black Women nonprofit and podcast! She has been a therapist for the last 8 years. She believes that meditation is a time for breath to take up ALL THE SPACE. There’s no room for criticism. Just compassion.Meet Deneshia Simpson, LPC! She’s been in the mental health field for over 10 years. She believes meditation is so soothing. It’s a beautiful time to slow down, listen to our bodies, and attune more deeply to ourselves.Meet Alma Kivi, LAC! She's a bilingual-licensed therapist who loves working with immigrant families to better understand mental health. She is from Mexico and has been in the counseling field since 2013. She believes meditation allows us to slow down and check in with our bodies exactly where we are in that moment.Meet Angel Arnold, LPC! She’s a licensed therapist in the Chicagoland area and has known Joi since 2009. Angel believes that representation matters. She supports her client develop the skill of asking for help. She believes this is the first step toward healing.Meet Lindsey Mason, LAC! She is a licensed therapist in Northwest Arkansas. She believes that meditation is an old sacred form of connecting with our bodies. She says, “meditation can offers us a moment of stillness and rest in our day to check in with ourselves and our souls.”