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Matthew Moore is a reporter and producer for Ozarks At Large. Before going into journalism, Matthew spent time in the music production industry, working with artists such as Reba McEntire, Steve Martin, 2 Chainz, and Chris Thile.

In 2021, Matthew graduated with an M.A. in journalism from the University of Arkansas. When he’s not out in the field or in the studio, Matthew loves rewatching The West Wing or Parks and Recreation with his wife Emily and long-haired dachshund Oliver.

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Governor Asa Hutchinson joined the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce and the Tahlequah Regional Development Authority to announce a new two-state partnership. The Heartland Advanced Medical Manufacturing Regional Cluster, or HAMMRC, will bring high paying jobs to small towns along the Highway 62 corridor in the medical equpment field.

A Look at Haiti from the Inside

Sep 8, 2021

In an excerpt from the latest episode of Undisciplined, host Caree Banton talks to Haitian journalist Obed Lamy, who talks about being proud of his home country and what brought him to Arkansas.

You can hear the full episode and every episode of Undisciplined wherever you get your podcasts.

Put Some Respect on Haiti's Name

Sep 8, 2021

Haiti may be considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and a country we Americans only hear about when there's a massive earthquake or political turmoil. But Haiti is a nation with tremendous legacy. Haiti was a nation that beat three European empires to become a free nation. Haiti was the first nation to ban slavery. It was the first nation in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve independence. And so much more. Our guest today is Obed Lamy, a Haitian scholar, journalist, and filmmaker. 

Today on Ozarks at Large, a medical air services pilot shares how he's responding to relentless emergency calls during the pandemic. Also the details of "Give828" an annual national giving day held August 28th to encourage donating to Black-led and Black beneftting nonprofits. Plus the latest COVID-19 surge news and much more.

Courtesy / Kevin Stitt/Governor

The last time Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt staged a COVID-19 press conference was last March, discussing the availablity of vaccines. Since then the Republican governor has not spoken publicly even as the COVID-19 Delta variant surges in his state.


Courtesy / Tom Myers

Tom Myers is the founder of Physicians Air Transport, a fixed-wing air ambulance service that covers five states across the South. Myers says due to COVID-19, they're having to travel farther away than ever before to find a hospital bed for their patients. He recently shared on a Facebook post, "It’s certainly your choice to get vaccinated. No argument from me.

On today's show, the first episode of the new podcast, Undisciplined, is available. We have an excerpt from the first episode. Plus, the history of the U of A's Greek Theatre, and much more.

Dr. Caree Banton, director of African and African American Studies at the University of Arkansas and host of Undisciplined, talks with Scot Brown, an associate professor of African American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, about the origins and original ideas of the area studies in an excerpt from the first episode. 

On our premiere episode of Undisciplined, we discuss the begininnings and impact of the study of African and African American Studies in higher education. Our guest is Dr. Scot Brown, an associate professor of African American studies and History at the University of California, Los Angeles. We also spend time understanding and discussing critical race theory, and how it is being perceived in our current culture.

On today's show, we're keeping an eye on vaccination rates for people who work in the long-term care industry. Plus, what a more-than-six-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation means for virus research at the University of Arkansas, and much more.