Matthew Moore

Reporter & Producer

Matthew Moore is a reporter and producer for Ozarks At Large. Before going into journalism, Matthew spent time in the music production industry, working with artists such as Reba McEntire, Steve Martin, 2 Chainz, and Chris Thile.

In 2021, Matthew graduated with an M.A. in journalism from the University of Arkansas. When he’s not out in the field or in the studio, Matthew loves rewatching The West Wing or Parks and Recreation with his wife Emily and long-haired dachshund Oliver.

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Courtesy / Arkansas Center for Health Improvement

According to data compiled by Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, just thirty-two percent of Arkansas nursing homes report that fewer than half of their healthcare personnel are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

On today's show, incentives for students to get the shot. Plus, the history of small-town doctors, extending broadband to rural Arkansas, and much more.

Courtesy / Instagram

The University of Arkansas is offering hundreds of opportunities for students to win awards simply for being fully vaccinated. Whether students got vaccinated early in the rollout or today, they can enter to win. Drawings for the awards begin weekly starting September 1.

On today's show, the Arkansas Department of Human Services has millions of dollars remaining in a special fund to help renters in arrears. Plus, understanding reluctance to get a vaccination, and much more.

Susan Gerbic / Wikipedia

Vaccination rates in Arkansas have seen some growth recently, but the state still ranks 45th nationwide. In an effort to help raise that number, judges in Izard County are offering fine forgiveness up to $200 for anyone who provides photo identification and proof of vaccination until November 15. 

Markus Spiske / Pixabay

In November 2020, Heidi Charton tested postive for COVID-19. In an effort to streamline communiation, she kept a digital journal to inform friends and family of her condition. Those updates involved her time in the hospital, the intensive care unit, and finally back home after nearly two weeks in the hospital. Charton shares some portions of her journal and her experience since.

CORRECTION: The initial version of this story referred to the children as Charton's children. The childen were her friend's children.

On today's show, a new school year nears and leaders have concerns about last year’s test scores in Arkansas. Plus, one business changes operations as local hospitals reach a breaking point, and much more.

Courtesy / Prestonrose Farm & Brewing Co.

The owners of Prestonrose Farm & Brewing Co., a nanobrewery and organic farm in Paris, have moved to takeout service only after hearing from local officials that emergency services are forced to route patients out of state for hospitalizations. Liz Preston, co-owner of Prestonrose, says she's concerned about more than just COVID-19.

Introducing Undisciplined

Aug 6, 2021

Undisciplined is a podcast produced in collaboration with the African and African American Studies program with the University of Arkansas and KUAF Public Radio. Hosted by Dr. Caree Banton, this podcast will push the confines of your traditional academic disciplines and unveil how the objectives of African and African American studies can be found in the everyday if you just look.

On today's show, understanding how bottlenecks in supply chains around the world are affecting trucking companies here. Plus, the Veterans Administration is working to get more vets vaccinated, and much more.