Matthew Moore

Reporter & Producer

Matthew Moore is a reporter and producer for Ozarks At Large. Before going into journalism, Matthew spent time in the music production industry, working with artists such as Reba McEntire, Steve Martin, 2 Chainz, and Chris Thile.

In 2021, Matthew graduated with an M.A. in journalism from the University of Arkansas. When he’s not out in the field or in the studio, Matthew loves rewatching The West Wing or Parks and Recreation with his wife Emily and long-haired dachshund Oliver.

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On today's show, understanding how bottlenecks in supply chains around the world are affecting trucking companies here. Plus, the Veterans Administration is working to get more vets vaccinated, and much more.

KUAF General Manager Leigh Wood shares two things: pirates and pie.

On today's show, the rising rates of infection in Arkansas is coming with increased case numbers in the youngest demographics. Plus, we meet TheatreSquared actors who will portray women putting together a mariachi band in the 1970s, and much more.

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On Thursday, July 29, Governor Asa Hutchinson called a special legislative session to reevaluate Act 1002, which at this time prohibits local school districts from enforcing mask mandates. Fayetteville Public Schools passed a resolution that same day to send a message to the legislature that they would be enforcing one if legally permitted. 

On today's show, we spend time at Camp Connect at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, a summer day camp for autistic children. Plus, a University of Arkansas graduate student is researching ways to help wild bees, and much more.

Courtesy / Matthew Moore

Camp Connect is an annual summer camp hosted by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in partnership with Project Connect, an outreach program by the University of Arkansas. The mission of Project Connect is to serve as an outreach program for families and others seeking autism spectrum specific resources in the community.

On today's show, we investigate the question of whether there should be masks worn by children in schools as the Delta variant surges with State Senator Trent Garner. Plus, the Oz Trail system in Bentonville and Bella Vista was completed in one day, and much more.

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School will soon be back in session, leaving parents and teachers concerned. Act 1002, sponsored by State Senator Trent Garner (R - El Dorado), is currently preventing any school district or local government from reinstating a mask mandate. Despite the rise in cases and the low vaccination rates, Garner stands by the bill, citing personal choice and personal responsibility over government enforcement.

Ozarks at Large introduces a new segment called Two Things. In each conversation, a guest will supply (at least) two things they are excited about. These week, Ozarks at Large host Kyle Kellams share three things.

On today's show, the projections for the near future of the virus in Arkansas are stark. Plus, some people with COVID in their past continue to feel the virus’ effects in the present, a former Razorback Olympian, and much more.