Matthew Moore

Reporter & Producer

Matthew Moore is a reporter and producer for Ozarks At Large. Before going into journalism, Matthew spent time in the music production industry, working with artists such as Reba McEntire, Steve Martin, 2 Chainz, and Chris Thile.

In 2021, Matthew graduated with an M.A. in journalism from the University of Arkansas. When he’s not out in the field or in the studio, Matthew loves rewatching The West Wing or Parks and Recreation with his wife Emily and long-haired dachshund Oliver.

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On today's show, how faith leaders are talking with congregants about the virus and the vaccines. Plus a 30th season for Walton Arts Center after the 29th was cut short because of the pandemic, and much more.

Courtesy / The Historic St. James Missionary Baptist Church

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris believe that invoking community leaders helps build trust in the new COVID-19 vaccinations, especially in minorities communities. Religious leaders across Northwest Arkansas and into the River Valley have done their part, having conversations about the safety of the vaccines and even hosting vaccination clinics on their sites.

On today's show, a possible new method for the city of Fort Smith to communicate with residents. Plus, Washington County residents discuss their Quorum Court declaring the county to be “pro-life, changes in rules regarding college athletes and endorsements, and much more.

Courtesy / Wright's Barbecue

In April, the Arkansas State Legislature passed Act 810, which gives college athletes in the state the opportunity to be compensated for their name, image, and likeness. On July 1, the NCAA adopted an interim policy, which provides a uniform policy for all institutions.

On today's show, new funding from the National Institute of Health coming to Arkansas Children's Hospital. Plus, a photo exhibit 40 years in the making, a new respiratory virus spreading in southern states, and much more.

A $700,000 grant from the National Institute of Health, in addition to $200,000 from Arkansas Children's Research Institute will go to doing the work of genomic sequencing of COVID-19 and its variants in Arkansas. Dr. Josh Kennedy, an associate professor in the UAMS College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, Division of Allergy and Immunology, is one of the leaders of this project. Kennedy talks about the importance of this work, vaccines, and much more.

On today's show, bees at the library. Plus, new research on chemotherapy, restrictive voting laws are on the docket, and much more.

Parker Johnson / Unsplash

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Arkansas ranked 50th in both voter registration as well as voter turnout in the 2020 election. For AR People, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization aimed at advancing a responsible democracy in Arkansas, has been trying to advocate for greater access to the ballot box for all eligible voters to make it easier for Arkansans to make their voices heard.

On today's show, growing concern over the risk of virus variants and a possible third surge in Arkansas. Plus, trying to find out what teenagers think about living in northwest Arkansas, a controversial resolution from the Washington County Quorum Court, and much more.

Courtesy / Dead Lemon Games

COVID-19 put a halt to much of the tourism industry in 2020, which forced Shelby Matussak to relocate from Alaska back to his old stomping grounds in Arkansas. He decided to use this time to create a new board game, Lonely Undead, which takes the tropes of zombie media and turns it on its head.