Pete Hartman

KUAF's Operations Manager

Pete Hartman was born in 1973 and had a wonderful childhood in Greenbrier, Arkansas. He moved to Harrison, Arkansas, in 1989 and attended High School there. He then attended North Arkansas Community College from 1992-1994. Pete moved to Fayetteville during the summer of 1994 and began attending the University of Arkansas that fall...within the Journalism Department. By January 1995, he had found his way to KUAF as a work-study student - answering phones and doing clerical work. After learning how to cut audio breaks he soon began working with Kyle Kellams on Ozarks at Large - way back when it was just one episode per week.

It took Pete almost ten years to get his bachelors degree from the U-of-A...he just had too much fun with the college experience. But by 2004, he had entrenched himself in all that was KUAF and Rick Stockdell had a position for him, IF he would just write his Senior Paper and graduate. Which, he did.

Pete has been working as Operations Manager of KUAF since that time, something that keeps him on his toes with many different duties and responsibilities including voicing KUAF Underwriting announcements. 

Pete Hartman has many hobbies: fishing, fly-tying, dirt biking, metal detecting...but what he enjoys the most is spending time with his wife Christine and his three daughters: Evie, Rosa and Sylvie.

Pete Hartman owns a Subaru.

Ways to Connect

Today Pete is joined via phone by Lauren Hildreth, the event manager with BikeNWA, to talk about a pilot project that BikeNWA recently started, called Slow Streets.  

Today Pete is joined via phone by Syard Evans, the CEO of Arkansas Support Network, to talk about how the Covid-19 outbreak has deterred access to services for those most in need right now, especially those who are high risk.  

Today Pete is joined via phone by Amy Wilson with the Beaver Water District to talk about National Drinking Water Week.  

Today Pete is joined via phone by Eva Terry with Peace at Home Family Shelter, a non-profit that provides emergency resources for victims of domestic violence and their children. 

Today Pete is joined via phone by Ines Polonius, CEO of Communities Unlimited, to talk about a $100 thousand dollar grant they recently received from The Regions Foundation

Tune into this episode of Community Spotlight to hear about how Communities Unlimited is utilizing this grant to provide small businesses and local organizations with the resources they need to overcome the economic consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak. 


Today Pete is joined via phone by Taylor Gladwin with Fayetteville Recycling and Trash Collection  to talk about the upcoming Boston Mountain Earth Day Virtual Challenge.  To play, download the Goose Chase app and create an account, then search for The Boston Mountain Earth Day Virtual Challenge.  The Challenge is social distancing-friendly and runs through May 21st. 

Today Pete is joined via phone by Leah Garrett and Lou Sharp, two members of the group

Today Pete is joined via phone by the CEO of RopeSwing Hospitality Group, Kurt Berman.  

Today Pete is joined via phone by Jessica Andrews, CEO of 7hills Homeless Shelter, to talk about how the shelter is adapting to the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as how you can help 7hills continue to serve those most in need in our community. 

7hills is accepting donations of canned foods as well as additional basic needs items, such as personal hygiene care, tents, towels, and batteries.  The shelter is also continuing to offer volunteer opportunities during this time, including training on how to protect yourself while serving the community. 

Today Pete is joined via phone by Bret Raymond, CEO of The Pack Shack.  The Pack Shack hosts Feed the Funnel parties where thousands of nutritious meals are packaged for local nonprofits and schools, to be delivered to those in need in our communities. 

In order to comply with social distancing and Covid-19 safety precautions, The Pack Shack is inviting one family at a time to their location in Cave Springs to pack meals, instead of hosting large groups for meal packing.