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Reflections in Black is a weekly segment on Ozarks at Large, hosted by Raven Cook. Reflections in Black is dedicated to exploring the legacy of Black Americans, both in the United States and around the globe, by providing resources for understanding and hope for all people.

You can learn more about Raven and the segments you hear on the Foundations: Black History Education Programming facebook page. 

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Anna Julia Cooper was born a slave in Raleigh, North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics, she taught at a prominent prep school for African Americans in Washington, D.C., and she wrote "A Voice From the South," which provided critical analysis of black women's issues in the early 20th Century. This is her story.

On today's show, we learn why the city of Fayetteville is asking residents to remove their Bradford Pear trees in exchange for a native tree. Plus two Arkansas Geological Survey scientists spend nine months of every year mapping the state’s geology, and we learn more about their work with a visit to remote Madison County.

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Lerone Bennett Jr. was born in Clarksdale, Miss. in 1928. He published many critical texts in consideration of the African American experience in America and abroad, later becoming editor of JET and Ebony magazines. His first and perhaps most notable book, Before the Mayflower, details the history of Black America from the very beginning. This is his story.

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Born in Topeka, Kan. in 1917, Gwendolyn Brooks had a career in poetry that manifested more than 50 honorary doctorates and a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Her work also captured radical events of the 1950s and the Civil Rights Movement. This is her story.

On today’s show, voters in Benton County and Fort Smith have their say on sales tax proposals. Plus, NWA Ballet Theatre is launching a new dance initiative this Spring called Dance Anywhere/Everywhere. And we explore how Jesus has been viewed over the past two thousand years.