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Roby Brock, with our partner Talk Business and Politics, and John Brummett, political writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, discuss how public officials are doing in their efforts to communicate with the public during the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

In today's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report, Roby Brock speaks with Dr.Jennifer Dilliha of the Arkansas Department of Health and Dr. Chad Rodgers with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care about what we know about COVID-19 and the efforts being made to slow the spread of it.

The chancellor at the University of Arkansas Little Rock is launching a process of "rentrenchment" to reposition the school to adapt to current economic realities. She talked with Roby Brock for this week's Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report.

Talk Business and Politics first poll of Arkansas Democrats in 2020 shows Michael Bloomberg with a slim preference over his fellow presidential hopefuls.

John Brummett, a political writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, discusses winners and losers as the impeachment trial winds down. He also talks with Roby Brock, from our partner Talk Business and Politics, about the possibility of a change in Medicaid funding.