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Arkansas voters are never predictable. This week, political columnist John Brummett discusses voters' lack of philosophical consistency with Roby Brock from our content partner Talk Business and Politics.

On today’s show, a children’s safety center in the River Valley is marking the beginning of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Plus, we learn more about the job of cataloging damage to important sites in areas of conflict. And sites have been identified for replacement parking if voters approve bond money for the establishment of a creative corridor in downtown Fayetteville.

A federal judge has struck down the work requirement for Medicaid recipients in Arkansas. John Brummett, political writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, considers that story with Roby Brock from our content partner Talk Business and Politics.

Governor Asa Hutchinson entered the current legislative session with four major pieces of legislation he wanted passed. This week, Roby Brock with Talk Business and Politics talks with political writer John Brummett about the governor's remaining wish to streamline state government, as well as potential initiatives that could be placed on the ballot.

In his weekly conversation with Roby Brock of Talk Business and Politics, political writer John Brummett discusses a recent public dialogue on race that involved governor Asa Hutchinson and Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott.