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Roby Brock of Talk Business and Politics covers business and political news happening in Arkansas.

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On today's show, we learn more about proposed changes to the way Arkansans can change the state's constitution. Plus, the city of Fayetteville is selling discounted composting bins in an effort to divert more waste from the landfill. And political columnist John Brummett offers his thoughts on the high and low points of the 92nd Arkansas General Assembly.

On today's show, we hear from U.S. Representative Steve Womack about when Congress will enact the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade. Plus, we hear about a new effort to turn Holiday Island into an incorporated town. And political writer John Brummett gives his assessment of the redacted Mueller report.

On today's show, we speak with a legal expert to learn more about the state of civil rights for transgender people. Plus, we hear about preventing the spread of measles to Arkansas, we learn about a recently discovered-species of Ebola that could be more widespread than previously thought, and we hear how public school students in Arkansas will get more time for recess starting next school year.

On today's show, we hear about a new option for travelers flying to and from northwest Arkansas. Plus, we hear how the City of Fayetteville has reinstituted a Council of Neighborhoods. And we hear how a food waste recovery program in Fayetteville is being tested throughout the country.

On today's show, we learn why the Cherokee Nation is searching for boundary markers placed nearly 150 years ago and why those markers are still important today. Plus, we discuss faith, gender, and understanding with Asma Barlas, a political science professor at Ithaca University. And we get details on the next season of Broadway at Walton Arts Center.