Timothy Dennis

Ozarks at Large Producer

Timothy is a life-long Arkansan; he grew up in the hills outside of Winslow and has lived throughout northwest and western Arkansas.  As a budding musician in his formative years, he became enthralled with recording technology, which carried over into his collegiate studies of print and multimedia journalism at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Upon receiving his degree in journalism in 2011, Timothy immediately began working as a freelance reporter and photographer for the Washington County Observer in West Fork, Winslow and Greenland. It wasn't long before he left the newspaper business for radio and began working full-time as an announcer and news programmer for KURM AM/FM in Rogers.

After working for about a year in radio, Timothy was recruited to join the KUAF staff as a producer and reporter for Ozarks at Large, generating spot news and feature-length stories. He reports on the local music scene, interviewing and capturing performances of local and traveling performers and bands. He also works with KUAF operations staff on strategic technical planning for the station.

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On today's show, we have the latest from the governor's coronavirus response briefing as the state reports nearly 700 new COVID-19 cases. Plus, we find out what kind of help is available for caregivers during the pandemic. And, we hear from the author of Damaged Heritage: The Elaine Race Massacre and a Story of Reconciliation about the danger of ignoring, dismissing or downplaying the country's history of racism.

On today's show we have the latest from the governor's coronavirus response briefing, which included information about the additional steps the state plans to take to stop the spread of COVID-19. Plus, we speak with community leaders and advocates about the disparities that are leading to an alarming rate of hospitalizations and deaths in the Marshallese community. And, we have a new take on our segment Reflections in Black as we focus on recommended readings on racial inequality.

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In this critical moment in American history, confronting racial inequality has come to the forefront. Following the death of George Floyd, many have wondered what to read and where to begin to better understand the plight of Black Americans. Today, we start a series of suggested readings with a look at The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois.

On today's show, we have the latest from Governor Asa Hutchinson's coronavirus response briefing, which he delivered from Mountain Home. Plus, we find out what employers can do to make sure COVID-19 doesn't spread at their place of business as Arkansans begin returning to their jobs. And, we have information about the Pandemic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that has gone out in the mail this month to qualifying families.

On today's show, we have the latest from the governor's daily coronavirus response briefing during which he provided information about hospital capacities and the healthcare system's ability to respond to the surge of cases happening in Northwest Arkansas. Plus, we get reaction from a local trans activist to last week's Supreme Court ruling barring the LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace. And, we find out what it was like to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday during President Trump's rally.