Zuzanna Sitek

Reporter, Ozarks at Large

While the Northwest Arkansas Women's Shelter provides services to people living in Washington, Benton, Madison and Carroll Counties, they have not had a physical presence in Madison County until now. The organization has hired an advocate who works out a satellite office at the county courthouse in Huntsville.


On today's show, we find out more about the 2020 Pan-American Cyclocross Championships, which are coming to Fayetteville in November. Plus, we have a report from Harrison where the City Council is considering regulations for the use of medical marijuana within city limits. And, we have an update on the mumps outbreak on the University of Arkansas campus.

Courtesy / Fayettecross

Later this year, Fayetteville will host the 2020 Pan-American Cyclocross Championships at Centennial Park at Millsap Mountain. Cyclocross is a short track bike race that involves numerous obstacles like shin-high barriers and stairs that riders have to navigate as they go around the course. 


On today's show, we have more on the creative endeavors local Arkansans are undertaking to raise money to help Australian wildlife impacted by historic wildfires. Plus, we head to Rogers where a new program allows middle school students to design mobile apps to improve their communities. And, we hear music performed by songwriters from around the world who are here for the 2020 House of Songs Summit.


Following weeks of wildfires that have devastated wildlife in Australia, some Arkansans are stepping up to crochet birds nest and joey pouches for injured animals and others are offering hair blowouts to raise money for wildlife organizations.