Zuzanna Sitek

Reporter, Ozarks at Large

On today's show, we provide a daily update on the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in Arkansas. Plus, we hear about a new task force that was established to provide guidance to the regional Marshallese community during the COVID-19 outbreak. And, we find out how you can participate in the virtual version of the Hogeye Marathon that was supposed to take place this weekend.

During Thursday's briefing, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced a plan to support the state's healthcare system during the coronavirus pandemic. The plan includes capital improvement payments for healthcare facility modifications, financial support for workforce safety and training, expanding telemedicine and non-emergency transportation, additional payments to support nurses, and payments to nursing facilities that care for a disproportionate share of patients with COVID-19.

On today's show, we provide a daily update on the coronavirus situation and response in the state. Plus, we hear about the state of drinking water in Northwest Arkansas as many people rush the stores for bottled water. And, we learn more about a virtual tip jar that's aimed at helping service industry workers who have lost their jobs and hours as many restaurants and bars adjust to new restrictions.

Courtesy / Fox Trail Distillery

Fox Trail Distillery in Rogers normally produces grain to bottle bourbon, but now the company is also producing sanitizer that they're making available to the public free of charge. For update on sanitizer dispensing hours and availability, click here.

Courtesy / Scotch & Soda

A virtual tip jar, which was started by the general manager of Scotch & Soda in Bentonville, aims to help service industry workers who've lost jobs and hours during the coronavirus outbreak. The tip jar allows people to donate money directly to individuals on the list.