Zuzanna Sitek

Reporter, Ozarks at Large

On today's program, we hear about the proposed changes to the state's Freedom of Information Act, which turns 50 this year. Also, we hear from the Akakaze Quartet, and we hear about some of their music that cemented the band's spot in the 11th annual Bucharest International Jazz Competition.

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An update to Monday's story. The Gravette, Bentonville, Decatur and Gentry school districts will be able to collaborate financially to establish a regional career center for the districts' students after Gov. Asa Hutchinson signs Senate Bill 288 into law. Prior to this legislation, school districts were not able to spend their money outside their district boundaries.

On today's program, a look at tactical urbanism and how the design technique is transforming downtown streets and intermodal corridors in Fayetteville. Also, we hear about the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department's plans to update the I-49 interchange at Wedington Drive, and we learn about a recent report that suggests the University of Arkansas -Fort Smith has an economic impact of more than $300 million

Z. Sitek / KUAF

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department showed its construction plans for the Wedington Drive-Interstate 49 interchange to the public during a meeting held at Asbell Elementary School in Fayetteville. The changes aim to improve congestion created by the current design.

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On today's program, we hear about a new documentary that looks at students and science fairs in Alpena, Alma, and at Haas Hall Academy. We also hear how Gravette High School is offering vocational and technical training, including courses in HVAC and welding, to its students. The school is now collaborating with other school districts to establish a more permanent regional career center.