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Reporter, Ozarks at Large

On today’s show, a conversation about a new interfaith prayer center being developed in Bentonville. Plus, how advocacy for Marshallese in Arkansas is growing and spreading. Also, we hear about the latest art at 21C in Bentonville examines Iraq and Afghanistan and war:

Z. Sitek / KUAF

The Bentonville Islamic Center and All Saints' Episcopal Church in Bentonville are working together to establish the Abrahamic Interfaith Center where both Muslims and Christians can pray together with a goal of better understanding each other.

On today's program, we visit Temple Shalom of Northwest Arkansas to hear how the congregation is coping with growing national anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence. We also learn how last week, Fayetteville clothing mainstay Cheap Thrills nearly closed its doors for good, but now has a new lease on life.

Z. Sitek / KUAF

Cheap Thrills, a beloved thrift store in downtown Fayetteville, had announced it was closing until two women stepped in to buy it and keep the little shop's legacy alive.

MUSIC: "Cheap Thrills" Vitamin String Quartet

On today's program, we learn how a building in Springdale is being transformed into transitional housing and into a home for various agencies providing services to former prison inmates. Also, we hear highlights from Senator Tom Cotton's town hall that was held in Springdale last night.