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Resilient Black Women
Resilient Black Women
2nd and 4th Friday of each month

Resilient Black Women is a new podcast from hosts Joi McGowan and Deneshia Simpson, founders of the nonprofit Resilient Black Women. Joi and Deneshia seek to reimagine mental health access for communities of color and are committed to redefining what it means to have courage, resilience and a heathy sense of self. New episodes every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. The first season will run March through June, 2022.

Latest Episodes
  • For this episode, Joi guides us through three mental health mindfulness moments - the first is a holistic check-in, the second is on self-compassion and the third is on rest.
  • For the third episode of Season 2, Joi and Deneshia answer listener questions all about therapy - How do you even find a therapist? What happens if the therapist you like doesn't take your insurance? What do you do if you're not vibing with your therapist? How do you know you're done with therapy? Joi and Deneshia tackle all of these problems and more in episode 3. You can find resources at the websites listed below that were mentioned by Joi and Deneshia.Psychology Today Therapist FinderTherapy for Black Girls
  • In episode 2, we hear more of Joi and Deneshia's conversation with professional licensed counselor Ms. Dorothy Marcy. She shares her wisdom on the power of Black women to persevere and to flourish under the hardest circumstances.
  • On the first episode of the second season of Resilient Black Women, Joi and Deneshia welcome Ms. Dorothy Marcy, licensed professional counselor, educator, mentor, mother and proud Black woman. She shares insight and stories from her own life and recent trip to Egypt and celebrates the resiliency and beauty of Black women.
  • To wrap up Season 1, Joi and Deneshia have a thank you message for all of their listeners and reminder to get rest this summer.
  • In our final episode of the first season, Joi and Deneshia welcome back Dustin McGowan to discuss Black men supporting Black women, what are the obstacles in the way of this support and how we can move forward celebrating and supporting all women, but especially Black, Indigenous and women of color.
  • For our fifth episode, Joi and Deneshia welcome Joi's husband, Dustin, to the podcast to discuss the origin and history of Juneteenth. A celebration of freedom, Juneteenth also has elements of sorrow, as it commemorates the freeing of enslaved African-Americans in Galveston, Texas, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in the rest of the country. Plus, Joi and Deneshia honor the dozens of Black men and women who have perished at the hands of or in custody of police officers. Hosts: Joi McGowan and Deneshia Simpson, PLCsProducer: Leigh Wood
  • In our fourth episode, Joi and Deneshia discuss the importance of rest - what obstacles keep us from getting rest, how women and especially Black women may not feel like they deserve to rest and how when we prioritize rest, we prioritize our overall health.
  • In the third episode, Joi and Deneshia discuss Black joy: how vulnerability is key to experiencing it, but is also a barrier to allowing yourself to feel it; how belonging and acceptance are keys to experiencing joy for everyone; what research shows about joy and suicidal thoughts; and how Black joy is necessary today with so many images and instances of Black death and trauma prevalent in our culture. And finally, how Black joy is communal and liberating. Hosts: Joi McGowan and Deneshia Simpson, LPCsProducer: Leigh WoodTheme music composed by: Jasper Logan
  • Joi McGowan and Deneshia Simpson, LPCs, explore grief: how it effects the body, how it particularly effects African Americans and communities of color, and what you can do to down-regulate when you're feeling overwhelmed by it.