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RBW Season 4: Let’s Talk Health and Pleasure with Tiara Hudson, LCSW, LISCW, Local Therapist

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Tiara Hudson, LCSW, LISCW is a therapist located in NWA and seeing clients virtually! She stopped by to talk to us all about HEALTH AND PLEASURE. Tiara shared her story and journey with her own health. She redefines pleasure as the guide to her healthy living lifestyle. She says, she allowed pleasure to guide how she would change her lifestyle. For Tiara stress and mental health sparked some scary health concerns. This motivated her to find a routine that would work with her life. It wasn’t displined that helped her be consistent. It was her connecting to all her resources from work, doctors, personal trainers. And her success was led by what she really enjoyed doing in her body, like walking, hiking etc. Deneshia and Joi were so impressed by Tiara’s ability to ensure that whatever new habits she started would be sustainable overtime. Tiara dropped so many nuggets today! Tell us your fave ?!?


Tiara Hudson's IG: @goldenlifetherapy

Joi McGowan is the co-host of <i>Resilient Black Women.</i>
Deneshia Simpson is the co-host of Resilient Black Women.
Leah Grant is a producer at KUAF.