Community Spotlight: Fayetteville Library Expansion Update

Apr 25, 2018

A 700-seat multipurpose center, extensive genealogy services and a full-scale "innovation center" are just some of the additions that the Fayetteville Public Library envisions for its new location.

On June 25 demolition will begin on the former City Hospital just south of the library on Rock Street and School Avenue. Last summer, the FPL secured the $2 million land sale from Washington Regional Medical Center.

"This Library has been transformative to this community," Executive Director David Johnson says. "So we feel a tremendous responsibility of taking it to the next level." 

Johnson, who joins Pete Hartman in the Nancy Blair Operations Studio, says he hopes the new facility will be completed by summer of 2020. The 70,000-square-foot expansion is just one step in the Library's plan to broaden services by 2030.