KUAF Arts Beat: Cellist Finds His Voice Without Words

Aug 20, 2018

Christian Serrano-Torres learned to play music before he could barely speak English. After ten years in Puerto Rico he moved with his family to Georgia where he joined the school orchestra at age 12 to help him fit in. He says the cello was something he fell into, but eventually the instrument became an emotional outlet- playing Bach to stave off sadness and depression. 

Serrano-Torres during the shoot for his music video in Iceland.
Credit Serrano-Torres/Yiaz Yang

"The cello was definitely calling me," he says. "It was kind of daunting; a whole new language and I couldn't understand everything the teacher was saying... music definitely helped me through that."

Now based in Arkansas, Torres continues to communicate through music. After years of performing in groups and ensembles, he is striking out on his own under the name Serrano-Torres, even making his own compositions for the first time. 

"As a classical musician, you just have a piece of paper... and you try to re-interpret it as best as possible," he says. "Creating something new is more personal."

His song "Everywhere," which he filmed a music video for in Iceland earlier this year, is out now. 

Listen to the full interview in the streaming link above.