KUAF Arts Beat: Community Building Through Poetry in Open Mouth's 2nd Annual Retreat

Feb 15, 2019

Scenes from last year's Open Mouth Poetry Retreat
Credit John Burcham Erwin

The Open Mouth Readings, a non-profit dedicated to cultivating and enriching Northwest Arkansas' literary community, is accepting applications to the 2nd annual poetry retreat that takes place May 31 to June 3 at the Mount Sequoyah Retreat Center in Fayetteville. Applications are open to anyone 18 and up. 

"Alongside generating prodigiously, you're spending a lot of time with a fairly small group of people, building connections both in a friendship sense and also in a future networking capacity," explains J. Bailey Hutchinson, Assistant Director for Open Mouth. "Also I think it is an actualisation of our mission, which is not only create and celebrate poetry but to do it as a family."

Learn more in this on-demand streaming conversation with Hutchinson and Molly Bess Rector, founder and director of Open Mouth.