KUAF Arts Beat: Diversity & Passion Drive Fayetteville Underground's Joëlle Storet

Mar 27, 2017

Fayetteville Underground gallery manager Joëlle Storet

Since becoming gallery manager of the Fayetteville Underground in October of last year, Joëlle Storet's added  Sunday salon-style artist talk events and embraces social media to cultivate diversity in the visual arts, bringing a youthful vibrancy and passion to the organization.

"We do hope to highlight Fayetteville's progressive culture because I think it's so underestimated," Storet explains. "We have a lot of artists who felt left out prior becuase the way the establishment was picking artists. We are saying our doors are open and we're not going to judge you based on your background. We'd love to see what you have."

Fayetteville Underground's current exhibit "Womanhood in Art: Power, Light, Nature" is on display until April 2, with V. L. Cox's "The End Hate Collection" opening for First Thursday on April 6.