KUAF Arts Beat: 'It's Not Just About Dudes Banging their Heads in Front of the Crowd'

Jun 1, 2019

Album art for "Post Toasty," the new release from Witchsister
Credit Stephanie Petet

The three sisters and cousin of Witchsister release their new album "Post Toasty" this week. It's their follow-up to "Good for a Girl," a hard hitting album that lead singer Stephanie Petet credits for when the band really discovered their own sound.

“I think it was maybe our second album when we started to kind of form a sound,” Petet explains while discussing their formative moments. “We just knew we wanted to have a big powerful stage presence and a fun show that made everyone want to get out of their own shell and just shake it off.

"We knew we wanted to be loud and give a voice and presence to other females," she elaborates. "It's not just about dudes banging their heads in front of the crowd. We wanted to empower everyone but females in particular. That's why we're together.

The band plays a free album release show Thursday, June 6, at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville. Local bands Groaners and Moonsong will also perform. To hear the full KUAF Arts Beat click on the streaming link above.