KUAF Arts Beat: For Jazz, Jam Sessions are the Classroom and There's One Right Here in the Ozarks

Oct 25, 2018

Our hills are flooded with roots and folk music. And now, thanks to the Jake Hertzog Trio, jazz jams are becoming a regular thing in downtown Fayetteville. 

Each month, Jake Hertzog and his bandmates- drummer Chris Teal and bassist Garrett Jones- hold the University of Arkansas Jazz Jam Session at Stage Eighteen. Hertzog hopes that establishing a night for jazz will help elevate local, upcoming musicians and also give the wider community the chance to engage with this type of music in a live setting. 

Hertzog preps musicians, clipboard in hand, before the jam session.

"I heard sombody say that the jam session was the original jazz education,"Hertzog muses as he corrals horn players and helps plug in a keyboard before his own jam. 

For the unfamiliar, instrumental jazz can often be intimidating, Teal explains. This night gives musicians a chance to be advocates for jazz, while introducing others to the history and structure of the music. 

The next U of A Jazz Jam Session is Nov. 13 at 8 p.m.