KUAF Arts Beat: A Modern Day 'Exodus'

Jun 26, 2018

As the government clamps down on migrants crossing the U.S.- Mexico border and refugees from the Middle East seek asylum in Europe, immigration is sparking fierce debate. But, in this political climate, the roots of human migration are often lost.  

Artist Octavio Logo stands in front of one of his large-scale works on display now through June 29 at Arts Center of the Ozarks.
Credit Arts Center of The Ozarks

In his new exhibtion, Exodus, visual artist Octavio Logo explores immigration and identity through paintings and murals. The focal point is a massive 9 foot tall and 33 foot long graphic painting with the word "exodus" printed in different languages across migrants' faces. 

Logo says he uses faces to portray immigrant experiences because the gestures and expressions ground the issue emotionally. 

"We can cover the body with any clothes," he says. "You adapt, but your face is still you." 

Logo moved from Mexico to Arkansas in 2015 and uses his own story to inform the work. 

"What I'm saying is we need to be smarter now," He says. "I think that people need to understand that the security they want and the economic power... all these things can change suddenly." 

Exodus runs until Friday June 29 at the Arts Center of the Ozarks in Springdale. Use the streaming link above to listen to the full interview with Logo.