KUAF Arts Beat: Poetry Amidst the Changing Leaves with the Open Mouth Readings Festival

Oct 31, 2017

The Open Mouth Poetry Festival brings six poets- and other unsung voices of the community- to multiple venues across Fayetteville this autumn, contributing to the city's literary legacy.  

"Our events are good for people who feel like they aren't deeply involved in the poetry community," says founder and organizer Molly Bess Rector. "We also invite members of the community to be a part of it. If you just find something that moves you, we invite you to share that as well."

The poets involved will share intimate and revelatory poetry in intimate settings as the town enters the depth of autumn.

"It's a nice way to give yourself space to think differently about the world," Bass-Rector adds. "I think that about poetry in general- that it's a way of seeing."