KUAF Arts Beat: When Atoms Collide, Does It Sound Like an Electric Guitar

Nov 8, 2018

What do you hear when you look at an image?

What do you see when you hear a piece of music?  These senses intersect in the new Sonic Images series from the Fenix Gallery in Fayetteville. For the first performance, guitarist Jake Hertzog presents a suite from his solo album "Well Lit Shadow," inspired by images of subatomic particles. 

Credit CERN

Hertzog--whose father is a particle physicist--grew up mesmerized by digitally generated pictures of particle collisions that hung in his father's office. When he began writing pieces for solo guitar he was drawn back to that intersection of art and science. 

"The nature of the electric guitar with all the effects that it can do and the ability to manipulate sound," he says, "is very much like the ability to read scientific information from these beautiful pictures."   The concert is this Friday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m. at the Fenix Gallery on Center Street in Fayetteville. "Well Lit Shadow" is available on iTunes.  

Higgs Boson particle collision.
Credit Imagur