Of Note: A Composer Tackles the "Gradiosity of the Human Spirit" Via Symphonic Sounds

Aug 15, 2018

As part of Of Note's Symphony Sunday edition, Ohio-based composer Jack Gallagher allowed a rare glimpse into the deeper processes behind writing a major symphony, specifically his Symphony No.2 'Ascendant,' a tremendous work that stretches over an hour in length.

"I had always admired pieces of enterprising and grandiose architecture, such as written by Muller and Bruckner in their symphonies," says Gallagher. "I decided I would try to formulate a work that embraced not only large-scale structure in architecture, but also the idea of a constantly unfolding narrative across time."

Gallagher's recording of Symphony No.2 'Ascendant,' with the London Symphony Orchestra, is available on the Naxos label.