Of Note: No Stravinsky Before Bed and Other Thoughts from Tesla Quartet

Sep 13, 2018

In their debut recording, the Tesla Quartet invites classical music fans to rethink stereotypes with offerings of Haydn, Ravel and Stravinsky.

Credit Tesla Quartet

“We often hear people say classical music is very relaxing, very soothing," says cellist Serafim Smigelskiy. "But, you probably shouldn’t listen to Stravinsky before going to bed.”

Alongside Stravinsky's gnarly "Concertino for String Quartet," Telsa performs more eponymous Ravel and Haydn quartets, and new arrangements of short Ravel works, promting previously unseen connections and new vitalities within standard repretoire.

 Tesla wants audiences to hear these composers with the same freshness as new music. After all, it was once new music.  “Being able to look at a Haydn quartet and try to imagine what it was like to experience anew, is definitely part of our process,” explains violist Edwin Kaplan.   Hear the quartet's entire discussion with Of Note's Katy Henriksen via the on-demand streaming link above.