Of Note for Wed., July 20, 2016: Trillium Salon Series to Feature Percussionist Aaron Ragsdale

Jul 20, 2016

Photo of the first Trillium Salon Series of Artosphere Musicians, by Matt Faries

“Unless we’re playing transcriptions, we’re always playing new music,” says percussionist Aaron Ragsdale.

As a relatively new group of instruments, Ragsdale is referring to the way in which percussion defies the conventions of classical music because percussion pieces are all fairly recently composed. Ragsdale will be performing at KUAF on Friday as a part of the Trillium Salon Series in Northwest Arkansas, which features live classical music outside of the concert hall in more intimate settings. Before his performance he caught up with Katy in the studio to speak about his experiences as a percussionist. Hear it from 8 to 10 p.m. on KUAF.

Listen to the entirety of this program in a limited on-demand stream: