Sebastian County Readies to Open Crisis Stabilization Unit This Month

Feb 13, 2018

The Sebastian County Crisis Stabilization Unit is slated to open later this month after some delays and a redesign of the building. Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center is facilitating the CSU. County Judge David Hudson and Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck have consulted with Leon Evans, who until last April was instrumental in designing and establishing a crisis center for psychiatric and substance abuse emergencies in San Antonio. The program in San Antonio has operated for 17 years and has become a national model for cities and counties that want to divert people with mental illness and substance abuse issues out of jails and into treatment. Aside from the CSU, Sebastian County is also exploring the establishment of a sobering center to help those with alcohol and drug problems. CSUs will also open in Washington, Craighead and Pulaski Counties after legislators passed a bill in 2017 authorizing their establishment.