Tribute Does Justice to Ginsburg in Song

Jul 5, 2018

It can be hard for anyone to show adequate admiration for their mother, but it can be even harder when your mom is beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

"Notorious RBG in Song" is out now from Cedille Records.
Credit Photo Courtesy of Cedille Records

That's why soprano Patrice Michaels and Cedille Records founder James Ginsburg decided to devote an entire album to the famed associate justice. James and Patrice are married & James' mother is the Notorious RBG herself.

"Notorious RBG in Song," is a portrait of her life in nine original pieces with help from pianist Kuang-Hao Huang among others.

Michaels', whose song cycle pulls from both pivotal and mundane moments in Ginsburg's real life, combed through piles of materials in an attempt to create an "arch of history in her life." Five of her dissenting opinions are set to music as well as letters from her mother, father and husband. Michaels and James Ginsburg join Of Note's Katy Henriksen to discuss this touching and humorous tribute.  

Click the streaming link above to listen to the full interview.