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Puzzlemaster Will Shortz and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! host Peter Sagal walk into a bar... No, it's not the start of a joke. It's the essence of Ask Me Another, a rambunctious hour that blends brainteasers and local pub trivia night with comedy and music. Host Ophira Eisenberg invites in-studio guests and listeners alike to stretch their noggins, tickle their funny bones, and enjoy witty banter and guitar riffs from house musician Jonathan Coulton.

Bowen Yang

Jan 8, 2021

In high school, comedian Bowen Yang was voted "most likely to be on Saturday Night Live," a prophecy he shrugged off in his interview with NPR's Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg. "It wasn't specifically that people were like, he's going to end up on that show. It was just like, "Oh, Bowen he does improv in the cafeteria every other Friday... he tries to get us to come back to school and watch him do short form improv.""

This, That, Or The Other

Jan 8, 2021

From Funny or Die's Call & Response Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle suss out if something is a defunct startup, a video game world, or an esteemed contemporary dance company.

Heard on Mayim Bialik & Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang: Our Best New Show Of 2021.

Prom Songs

Jan 8, 2021

Remember when we told people to dance 6 inches apart instead of standing 6 feet apart? Comedian Baron Vaughn and musician Open Mike Eagle compete in a music parody game about slow prom songs changed to be about things you learned in high school.

Heard on Mayim Bialik & Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang: Our Best New Show Of 2021.

Andrew Bird: Hark!

Dec 18, 2020

Andrew Bird's latest album, Hark!, is full of holiday music — but when the Grammy-nominated musician was asked if he'd ever attended an office Christmas party, his immediate answer was, "I'm glad to say, I haven't been to any."

NPR's Ophira Eisenberg spoke to Bird as part of Ask Me Another's "Mandatory Fun Virtual Office Holiday Party" episode. Bird eventually did recall an early gig performing at an architects' office: "I don't miss those days of getting those sideways glances like, 'Oh look at that chair. Oh, it's a musician.'"

Slang Game

Dec 18, 2020

Jonathan Coulton's kids Theo and Eleanor help their dad and Ophira Eisenberg translate and navigate the latest teen slang. It's "lit!" Are the kids still saying that?

Heard on Andrew Bird: Mandatory Fun Office Holiday Party

NPR Christmas Carols

Dec 18, 2020

Three out of six women who work at NPR named Carol make their Ask Me Another debut as they lend their vocals in a music parody game that changes the lyrics to Paul McCartney's polarizing song Wonderful Christmastime to be about other things that rhyme with time.

Heard on Andrew Bird: Mandatory Fun Office Holiday Party

Usually, when guests come on NPR's comedy quiz show Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Coulton ask them the questions. Nnamdi Asomugha flipped the script: He interviewed Ophira and Jonathan right back, asked them to make his game tougher, and even made up a trivia question for them to answer.

An actor and former professional football player, Asomugha isn't afraid of a challenge. He played defense with the Oakland Raiders as a shutdown cornerback, which he described as "one of the most difficult positions in all of sports to play."

Jam Bands

Dec 11, 2020

Actor Richard Kind and comedian Ray Ellin are treated to a music parody game where Jonathan Coulton plays songs by jam bands rewritten to be about fruits you could theoretically use to make jam. Next week: a game about jellies and preserves, because yes, they're a different thing.

When comedy clubs across the country shut down, comedian Ray Ellin quickly adapted. The executive producer of Comedy Central's This Week at the Comedy Cellar founded Comedy Cloud, which produces digital standup shows with comics across the country.

Ellin joined NPR's Ask Me Another with actor Richard Kind — who's starred in shows like Mad About You, Spin City and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Rosie Perez: The Flight Attendant

Dec 4, 2020

This summer, New Yorkers riding the subway heard a familiar voice: Actor Rosie Perez, speaking in English and Spanish, encouraging them to wear a mask.

Perez told NPR's Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg that she and Chris Rock were both contacted by Governor Cuomo's office.

"We did not know that we were going to be asked to do the MTA campaign," she said. "We were just asked to come to his press conference, remember he was having his daily-held press conferences? And I remember Chris backstage, he goes, 'This is big, this is big,' and I go, 'Yeah!'"