KUAF Community Spotlight Series

Weekdays at 6:30 and 8:30 a.m.
  • Hosted by Pete Hartman

Locally produced segments highlighting a variety of non-profit organizations and topics.

Organizations have included:
The Peace at Home Family Shelter, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWA, the Shiloh Museum, Credit Counseling of Arkansas, StartUp Junkie, Illinois River Watershed Protection, LifeStyles INC., Kings River Cleanup, Ozark Folk Center, and so many more.

Ways to Connect

Pete Hartman speaks with Megan Burks who describes her personal experiences in managing the Critical Care unit currently being used for Covid ICU, nursing staff, and works collabortively with physicians and pharamcists. Megan Burks highlights not only the challenges she has faced personally, but also describes how her staff at Washington Regional have adapted in the face of Covid-19. If you would like to help or have something to share with Washington Regional staff, you can email icanhelp@wregional.com


Pete Hartman interviews Morgan Keeling who informs listeners about the NWA LID Conference taking place November 3 and 4. Morgan Keeling explains what the conference will entail, its goals, and how listeners can participate.

Director of Outreach Services at Washington Regional, Jason Kelly discusses Faith in Action's Fundraiser Savor 'the extra' Flavor with Pete Hartman. Jason Kelly describes the function of the Faith in Action program as well as what the Savor 'the extra' Flavor event will consist of. Registration and information about the event can be found on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FIAnwa/ or https://www.facebook.com/FIAnwa/

Vice President of Music Moves in Arkansas speaks with Pete Hartman to promote the event taking place in Springdale this Sunday October 24 called Good News & The Blues Street Dinner. This event will help teach the community all about what Music Moves is and provide food and performances. 



Tara Dryer from the University of Arkansas's Global Campus provides information for Pete Hartman and listeners regarding the resources offered to any Arkansan that has been affected by Covid-19 in the workforce. Utilizing a grant of almost thirteen million dollars, the Reimagined Arkansas Workforce Project offers tools and training to help Arkansans reenter the workforce at no cost for qualifying participants.


Pete Hartman speaks with Ana Hurley on the topic of a twelve week program providing entrepreneurship training for former refugees or immigrants within the NWA community. Ana Hurley describes the resources that Canopy will provide for participants not only during the program but also following the completion of the course. 


Pete Hartman interviews Lauren Hildreth who discusses Slow Streets which initially began as a response to the pandemic. Lauren Hildreth highlights the return of the Slow Streets event in order to make the streets safer during Halloween weekend. 


Co-founder of Miracle Travel Works, Matthew Patitz, informs Pete Hartman and listeners about the annual Poker Ride fundraiser this Saturday October 9. The Poker Ride will begin at Nomad's Trailside and end at West End on Dickson St, listeners can find more information at miracletravelworks.org 


Valorie Jones speaks with Pete Hartman on the Warhorse Legacy Foundaiton's Open House this Saturday October 9. Valorie describes the mission behind the Warhorse Legacy Foundation as well as what participants can expect from the Open House this weekend. 


Pete Hartman speaks with Lakeisha Edwards regarding the new exhibit taking place October 7 with Art Ventures NWA. Lakeisha Edwards describes the exhibit as 'art for everyone' and is part of the K-12 Gallery Initiative partnering with the Don Tyson School of Innovation.