Scratching the Surface

Fridays at 2:04pm
  • Hosted by Pete Hartman, Caitlin Ahrens
  • Local Host Caitlin Ahrens

Locally produced, this weekly segment deals with any and all of the latest information on activity in our Solar System. From the latest NASA mission and where it might land, to the composition of Saturn and other gas'll hear it all from "The Pluto Manager" - Caitlin Ahrens with the University of Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences.

Scratching the Surface: New Compound on Titan

Oct 11, 2019

Caitlin Ahrens talks about a compound foreign to Earth, that so far we've only discovered on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.  

Scratching the Surface: Black Hole vs. Solar System

Oct 4, 2019

What if a black hole somehow made it's way through our Solar System? The Pluto Manager details the possible effects during today's Scratching the Surface.


Scratching the Surface: Martian Potatoes

Sep 20, 2019

Matt Damon made Martian farming look easy, but is it actually possible?  On this installment of Scratching the Surface, Caitlin Ahrens talks about the future of interplanetary agriculture. 

Caitlin Ahrens talks about the geologic history of Mars on this installment of Scratching the Surface.  

Planets in a Tank

Jul 8, 2019
University of Arkansas

Caitlin Ahrens, a doctoral student in space and planetary sciences and manager of the university's Pluto Lab, talks about how and why scientists recreate the atmospheres of other planets and what they learn in the process.