Courtesy / Canopy NWA

Canopy of Northwest Arkansas, a local resettlement agency, is preparing to intake 49 Afghan refugees as soon as mid-October. Governor Asa Hutchinson announced last week that the state would receive nearly 100 evacuees from Afghanistan, the other half will be resettled in central Arkansas by Catholic Charities.  

At the top of today's show: fewer Arkansas school districts are in the highest level for COVID-19 infections, nearly a hundred Afghan refugees will be settled in Arkansas in the near future, and a shortage of drivers available for Razorback Transit buses means a change in some routes.

Courtesy / Khalid Ahmadzai

Canopy of Northwest Arkansas is readying to welcome a small number of Afghan families and Special Immigrant Visa holders in the wake the withdraw of U.S. forces from the country and subesquent Taliban takeover of the capital city. We also hear from an Afghan immigrant now living in northwest Arkansas. 

Courtesy / Khalid Ahmadzai

For Khalid Ahmadzai, who moved to Arkansas from Afghanistan in 2010, watching the Taliban retake his home country from afar has been a "hopeless" experience. He gives his reaction to this week's events in Afghanistan and explains how Arkansans can help support refugees.