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Chronic wasting disease has continued its slow spread into Benton, Washington and Sebastian counties, and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is working with Mark Zabel of the Prion Research Center at Colorado State University to discuss management strategies and participate in research that could shed light on where various CWD cases originated. Zabel, who is a leading researcher on prion diseases like CWD, also discusses his concerns about human consumption of CWD-infected animals.

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A new Arkansas Game and Fish Commission conservation education and nature center is being built in Springdale. Construction of the $18 million facility will focus on natural elements and ecosystems found in the northwest region of the state. The new center will include education pavilions, traditional and 3-D archery ranges, walking trails and wildlife-viewing blinds.

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The Attorney General’s office has gotten complaints of people receiving phone calls, often from a number with a Jamaican area code, claiming to the be with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The person receiving the call is told they’re the winner of a $2.5 million giveaway and to claim their prize, they must wire an $850 processing fee.

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The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is asking all hunters who use Frog Bayou Wildlife Management Area to participate in an electronic registration each time they access the property this duck season. The game and fish commission launched the new program over the weekend.

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Black bear sightings in Washington County have been reported to Fayetteville Animal Services in recent weeks. Officials say the bears typically migrate through the area around this time each year. Black bears are native to Arkansas and you can learn more about them from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.