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Roby Brock, with our partner Talk Business and Politics, and John Brummett, political columnist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, discuss the writing legacy of the late Pulitzer-prize winning columnist Paul Greenberg and whether legislation some are calling a hate crimes bill can actually be considered a hate crimes bill.

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Anti-media bias spurred by President Trump gave way to overt violence against the media covering last week's attack on the U.S. Capitol. Reporters across the U.S. and in Arkansas are being warned to take precautions while covering armed pro-Trump protests, which are possible in all 50 states this weekend. Luke Story, director of the Arkansas Broadcasters Association, and Frank Lockwood, Washington D.C.

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Faced with declining revenues, the publisher of the Northwest Arkansas and Arkansas Democrat-Gazettes says he had a decision to make about the future of both newspapers. We speak with Walter Hussman about the $15 million investment that is being made to transition the newspapers from their traditional form to a digital form on iPads that are sent to customers as part of their subscriptions.

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The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is nearing the day when it will no longer deliver a daily printed paper. The newspaper has been transitioning its weekday service to an app-only format and plans to print only a Sunday edition of the paper by the beginning of next year.