Art by the Book

Feb 25, 2015

Buzz Spector and students from the University of Arkansas are building art made only from hardback books.

A pilot project in Fayetteville will provide art therapy for children dealing with serious or chronic illness.

Jacqueline Froelich

A new tree has been planted along the Northwest Arkansas Regional Greenway Trail, near North Street in Fayetteville—not a maple or oak tree. This sparkling stainless steel 22-foot tall tree was created with salvaged metals, by Ozarks sculptor John Stalling to inspire more recycling in our community. We attend the installation. 

Antoinette Grajeda

Four-Legged Bird  recently added a mural to its building. Meanwhile, a mural is currently in the works at Lake Fayetteville.

MUSIC: Eyes of Love by Murals

A new, wonderful book offers a vast collection of George Dombek's work, and we talk to him about his art.

MUSIC: "Sweeping" by The Devil Makes Three

MUSIC AT END OF SHOW: "On Time" by Mingo Fishtrap